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Saturday Sneak Peek -- Feeling Frosty Week Four

Let me see if Blogger goes whacky and rearranges my Saturday post this week.  I've re-edited last weekend's post but with Blogger you just never know.  Doesn't it make you crazy that you can preview a post, schedule it, preview it again to fix the changes Blogger creates, schedule it again AND it still messes it up??!!!  Okay, rant over.

Hello to my regular Saturday peeps.  There may only be a few of you but your dedication to guessing keeps me motivated to continue!  It is time for this week's sneak peek of the freebie coming out on Tuesday.  Let's have a look shall we...

 Hmmm...for some this may be really easy, and for others, well...I guess we'll see.  If you have an idea of what you think the OVERALL image may be, no matter how outrageous the guess, please offer it up by Monday at 12:00 pm EST (noon) in a comment on this post to be eligible to win a possible goody.

Don't Forget... There is still an opportunity to win a copy of Naomi's latest …

Bit By the Bug: Another Bug is Born...Shiver

Hello and welcome to the latest release in our Feeling Frosty event.  In my part of the world, we are STILL in a deep freeze and where Naomi lives, they have just been pummeled by EVEN more storms.  Now you may think that I have just copied and pasted that from our last new release but seriously we can't seem to escape this weather!  So, as the frosty feeling continues outside we are going to continue it inside with our latest release.
This week we have another cute little snowman available.  This one is named...

 Shiver is enjoying all the snow that has hit the East coast of Canada where he lives and has been taking advantage of all the fresh new fallen powder by spending time on his favourite crazy carpet.  He has several of them but this one gets the best slide.  Naomi was able to get a picture of him as he whooshed past her when she was out sledding with Michael.
You can find Shiver for purchase in the Seasonal section over in the store.  Clicking HERE will take you to the p…