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Saturday Sneak Peek--'Tis the Season Collection Week Two

Hey guys!  I hope that this last Saturday of November finds you all well.  For those of you living in the States, I hope that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend.  That your bellies are full, your wallets aren't empty and that you have lots of things to be thankful for.  Mind you that is a wish I can wish for everyone, isn't it?   It is time for this week's sneak peek as we are about to embark on week two of our 'Tis the Season collection.  Here is a snippet of Tuesday's offering... Fa, la, la, la,, la, la, la.  And no that is not a hint, I'm just getting into the festive mood.  Now most of you will be able to figure out what this part of the image is BUT can you figure out what the overall image will be?  Put your thinking caps on and let me know.  Offer up your guesses by Monday at 5:00 pm EST in a comment on this post to be eligible.  Once again, I think that I am going to get a start on making that goody now.  You guys are just too good …

Bit By the Bug: Another Bug is Born

Hello and welcome to the beginning of four weeks of our 'Tis the Season' collection of images.  It is that time of year after all, when people are busy getting ready for their respective holidays around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers living in the United States and as soon as this holiday is finished, we are about to kick off the proverbial holiday season with a slew of celebratory days followed around the world.  While some are religious or spiritual in nature, others are in celebration with the winter solstice. Then there are others that are just plain goofy and out there.

Over the course of this next week, the following occasions will be observed:

November 28 Thanksgiving Today is of course Thanksgiving being celebrated by those individuals whose home country is the United States of America.
Make Your Own Head Day Oddly enough today is also, Make Your Own Head Day.  It is a crafty day that is very popular in grade schools, and art classes where studen…

Happy 40th Birthday Naomi!

I know that many of you have already wished Naomi a happy 40th.  She preempted my efforts to have all of you share your best wishes for her in a special birthday greeting for her today by telling you all about her birthday on Saturday.  Oh well, it is her blog, I suppose she should be allowed to do what she wants.  However, if there are any of you, who haven't wished her a happy birthday yet, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.  Even though Naomi isn't around as often as she would like to be these days, she still reads every single one of your comments.  So without further ado...

May all your birthday wishes come true!!!!  I wish you nothing but the best for the year ahead.
Much Love from,  and the Design Team,
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