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Saturday Sneak Peek: Too Cute to Spook Collection -- Week Three

Hello you wonderful people.  Thank you so much for coming over and checking up on the sneak peek.  I know there is only a handful of you that do, but that is okay.  It is for you few that I do these posts.  So, how about I share a snippet of the new release coming out on Thursday... You guys made easy work of the last one and I'm guessing you'll probably figure out this one as well!  Offer up your guesses by Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST in a comment on this post to be eligible.  You never know what sweet treats may be coming your way!  Of course they may take awhile to get to you given that I am running a tad behind over here but they will get to you eventually.
DON'T FORGET...  there is still time to sign up for your chance to win Naomi's latest new release:  The Pumpkin Kins!  Click HERE to find out how.
Can you believe that we are halfway through October already?!  For those of you who are Canadian, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  May you be surrounded by tho…

Bit By the Bug Tuesday -- "Friendly Frankie"

Welcome to Week 2 of... Hello everyone.  Yes, once again I'm running late.  What else is new?!  I'm going to need to have a conversation with the 'boss' about changing the times these posts go out!!!  Then maybe they could start being on time!!! It is LISA HERE with the second image that is part of our Too Cute To Spook Collection.  Today I bring you...
Friendly Frankie
Click HERE to get "Friendly Frankie".  Available from October 8th until October 22nd. 
After that it will be replaced with another freebie.
Until Naomi gets back into the swing of things and has a chance to put the image in the store, you can grab it straight from here.  Make sure you click on it to bring it up in the lightbox and then right click and save it to your computer.

Isn't he just the friendliest monster you've ever seen?  How could he not be happy surrounded by all the cool images that Naomi has created?!! Origins of Hallowe'en Some 2000 years ago, the Druids of the ancien…

It's Time to Officially Meet the Design Team!

It is time to meet the team!  While you have been seeing cards from both Suze and Jennifer regularly for some time now, and have seen Vicky helping out in the past, it is time to officially bring them on board as part of the CREATIVE BUG DIGITALS Design Team.  Additionally, we have Patti coming on board who has been a fan of Naomi's work for quite some time.  So for the time being, I get to work alongside these four amazing women.  In time I hope that we can add more members to this fabulous group of talented women but for now I'm just finally pleased that we have a team to announce.  So let's meet them shall we?
First, let's get to better know the two woman who have been regularly showcasing Naomi's wonderful digis these past few months.  I put out a call a few months ago for anyone willing to work with Naomi's digis and help us show how they look coloured up as part of a card or other project.  Well, both Suze and Jennifer came through and answered that call…