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Mega Monkey Mania Continues wth the Latest Saturday Sneak Peek

Let's see if this week I manage to not make any errors with either the post or the timing of the post!  I made boo-boos two Saturdays in a row, let's hope I don't go for a threefer. 

Mega Monkey Mania has rounded past the half-way point and it is time to show you all image number five in the series. We've met four monkeys so far, a set of siblings, Malia and Mortimer and their parents, Manfred and Marcella.  So it is time for this week's snippet for the upcoming new release...

 Well I suppose you are getting a bit more than a snippet aren't you?   As you can see, the new release encompasses the entire family.
This week I have one simple question for you.  Other than the obvious reason that M is the first letter in monkey, can anyone guess as to another reason why I chose to start the name of every monkey in the Manchester family with the letter 'M'?  Surely someone will figure it out.  Offer up your guesses by Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST in a comment…

I Ruff You

Today I have a CAS card to show you, it is sweet, I just love that dog stamp from "Lawn Fawn"
 I stamped the dog on pattern paper  and  again on a different patterned paper for the bow which is easier to see in the next photo. I also stamped grass on green and white pattern paper  then use my scissors to make the real grass effect...okay not so
I thought it would be nice to have a card like this done in case I have a mushy day and feel like telling  a friend I love them, hehe.
Well that day came and I mailed it off to Lisa Decosse , the amazingly talented sweet lady you are all getting to know and love here on my blog.

HeHe!!!! Gosh he's cute!!! This sentiment is from the same Lawn Fawn stamp set.   Have a super day!!!!!

Sesame Street Characters made out of Punches

Hello!!! Today I am so excited to show you a project that my friend Kelly and I did together for our friend Nancy at work. Nancy is totally in love with elmo and seriously who wouldn't be?, he is so cute with that adorable voice...speaking of elmo's voice Kelly can mimic his voice like no other I know and I have it recorded!! hehe!!!  It is on my tablet and for some reason my tablet won't let me sign in to blogger, it keeps reloading , is anyone else having this problem? I want to sort it out before I go to Halifax so I can keep up with all of you.   Here is my card made from punches!!! To make these cute characters use: 1 1/2" Scallop Punch 1 1/4" circle punch  (cut in half for mouth)  1/2" circle punch (Cookie) 5/16" circle punch (Elmo's nose) Googly Eyes ( I used one big eye and one smaller eye on 2 of my characters to add character, hehe) Skittles Yellow/ White Cardstock for card base and 2" squares Tan cardstock (for cookie) Blue polkadot pattern p…

Bit By the Bug Tuesday - "Marcella"

Welcome to...
It is time to continue our Mega Monkey Mania celebration with this week's freebie.  Please meet...

Marcella Click HERE to get "Marcella".  Available from September 10th until September 24th.   After that it will be replaced with another freebie.
If you missed out on the start of the sock monkey history lesson, you can start HERE and then make your way HERE.  In the first two 'episodes' we learned the history of sock monkeys up until the 1940's in both the US and Canada.  Then in the next one, we travelled through the 50's and 60's.  You can check that 'episode' out by clicking HERE.   Today we look at how these beloved characters evolved through the later half of the 1900's up until today.

Let us continue our journey through the history of sock monkeydom, shall we?

While the sock monkey took a downward turn in the 50's and 60's due to the submergence of plastic toys onto the market, they never really vanished from the …

Good News and Update

Hello! First I have to tell you all how much I have missed blogging and seeing what you are creating, just know I have thought of you all everyday! To keep it simple we have been busy planning the trip for Michael's surgery in Halifax which will be a five day trip. We will leave on the 18th and come home on the 22nd or 23 depending on how Michael does.  When Michael comes home he will need a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair,walker and other support which is now all in progress, did I ever tell you what an amazing supportive small town I live in? People are so beautiful here and so willing to help in time of need. Michael will need to learn to walk again as most of you know he will have surgery on both feet, Michael has very little inner core strength due to the way he walks and his leg is slightly twisted so this is going to be a big challenge for him, please send lots and lots of prayers and positive thoughts his way, throw a few in for me too, lol As for me and my health lets just …