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Car Accident

Hello all my beautfiul bloggy friends!!

You will never know how nice it is for me to be able to say that... My sister and I were in a car accident  where the car flipped 2 and a half times doing 70 km.... we came out with NO broken bones or any major injuries ...
 We were in shock the first couple of days  and realizing Troy's car is totally smashed and rode off , we are shocked that we are alive!!!!  We could never be so grateful as what we are, it is so beautiful to be alive and in great shape with that!

I was driving on a straight patch of road when the wheels on the back started sliding to the right which turned us sideways  ( black ice )  There was no warning whatsoever!!  We flipped over the edge of the road down into a ditch.. I remember a peace that came over me and I  never felt so calm in my life... I said " Norma , we are going to be ok"  three times.... even as I was upside down in the car in mid flip I said the same thing and honestly I had absolutely no fea…