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Freebie "Presents and Teddy Bear"

Sorry this digital is no longer available however you can buy any digital of mine for just a dollar at !!!  Check back weekly for a free digital!

Hello! I hope you are all doing well and relaxed at the same time preparing for Christmas!! There were things I couldn't get done but I am OK with that. Life presents challenges at times we don't expect , there is no specific date and many of you are facing those challenges as I write this so to worry about not getting cards complete or a gift sent  would be only adding to the stress. I would love for all of you to be the watcher of your thoughts as you prepare for Christmas , don't judge your thoughts in any way or resist them, just watch and be aware. Are you giving a gift or card out pure love? or because that person is buying you a gift and you don't want to be judged? Lets try and make this Christmas the way it is meant to be: Celebrate the birth of the world's greatest example "Jesu…