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Free Christmas Digital (Girl sitting under Christmas tree)

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, As most of you know I celebrated my 39th birthday with my twin sister yesterday and wow! I can't believe I am saying this but I can wait a few days before I go for chocolate again..  hehe , just a few!

We spent the evening together putting up and decorating my tree!!!!! Michael was estastic as you would guess... the magical sound of Michael and Norma singing a Christmas song at the top of their lungs in my very small living room ignited the Christmas spirit within me and would have anyone! That certainly was a memory I will store away safely and bring back out when I need cheering up, lol

Today I have a free digital for you!!!!!!  I got my new tablet and was astonsihed that it had a touch feature on it.. technology blows my mind.

Enjoy, what you want with it ... put it on a card and sell it.. (just don't claim you designed the image).
 *Note: (Click on image for a blur-free image) Sorry this digital has been remo…