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Christina and I joined forces!!!!!!!

Hello Blogger buddies!!!! I am so excited to be able to drop in and show you a card that the lovely Christina and I did.
First of all Christina and her film Crew (Griff, her husband) is visiting all the way from England and staying at my house here in P.E.I!

 We have been having such a ball exploring the Island and getting to know each other... Yesterday we visited Michael's Store , it was the first time Christina ever set foot in there and she was amazed at the size of it.
I have to tell you she spoiled me rotten... yes she got me the Grande Calibur and 6 Spellbinders.. needless to say I was estastic and still am.

She also got me loads of other things plus I bought a few things myself..this is our first haul together, eeeeek!!!!!

We couldn't control ourselves as you could imagine and at once as soon as we got home we made our very first card together using both our ideas. It was past 12:00 am when we finished and the result was beautiful!  Judge for yourselves!!!

 I miss al…