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FCCB LucK Of The Irish Challenge

Hello all!

Luckily I was able to put together a project this week considering what my body has been through, but I am almost there!!!! My breathing is good and the Hives are gone, just waiting for the cold sweats to leave! I choose to go to my favorite place for inspiration and to see what challenge they had for this week-  FCCB!!! It may be late but better late than never!

I love Fantabulous Cricut Challenge blog!!! For those of you who don't know, they have
Challenge Me MondayQuick Tip Tuesday (one of my favorites!)Wednesday's WinnersThursday's TutorialsFantabulous FridayScrappin Saturdayand!!! Spotlight Sunday
The only materials I had that I could use were the 4 leaf clover ribbon and cup cake liners. I made the center flower out of these liners. I never had a stamp but I thought Good Luck would be appropriate, maybe??

Here is my project
We were asked to use at least one cricut cut which I used on the background, I couldn't tell you the name of the cartridge for I ha…

Winner for the $25 Michael's Gift Card !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't post this earlier, I just dropped in to announce the winner, I am really sick so all your prayers would deeply be appreciated. I had a severe allergic reaction which in turn effected my breathing therefore I have been put on Predinsone, a very high dose. I am supposed to be hospitalized right now but my son needs me also for medical reasons so I have no choice but to really take it easy.

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the $25 Michael's Card Giveaway, the amount of responses surprised me and delighted me!!!!

So with out further adieu!!!

The winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Jo!!!!!!!!  Lucky 13!!!  This blew my mind Amy seeing we just celebrated your birthday!!!!

Congradulations Amy Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creative progress

If you are looking for $25 Michael's Gift Card giveaway , go here!
Hi Everyone!

It's Monday again, hard to believe the weekend went by so fast!

I have been working on  a Split Paper Bag Mini Album here and there and can't wait for it to be done to show you! I have been dealing with an annoying allergic reaction to medication for 4 days so there is a lot of scratching  and Benadryl is causing me to sleep a lot. Cross your fingers for me that this will go away as quick as possible, pretty pleaseeeeee.

So today instead of not writing a post I decided to show you one of the very first cards I ever made, now we all know what it is like to start out so try not to laugh...I didn't have any pattern paper so I doodled!!! I guess that is quite common now! Actually I don't know about you but it almost became second nature to me when I got bored in a class at school.. oh that seems so long ago...

I used really big flowers on all cards starting out because I had seen one in a mag…