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Free Peace Girl

Sorry this digital has been removed, you can buy this digital in my online store (Creative Bug Digital's) for just $1.00!! Click here to visit my store

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Michael and I just came in from outside, the snow is falling ever so gracefully...we built a volcano!!! I mixed red acrylic paint with water and put into a squirt bottle, it was a fun project, the proof was in the red rosy cheeks that awed Michael, he kept looking at himself in the mirror, hehe. I will post a picture next post because I just came in here in a hurry to give you a free digital I made yesterday. I hope you like it and can use it!

Valentines For Teachers

Happy Valentines Day!!!

The first thing my little boy said when he woke was "Do you have a surprise for me?" My brain finally woke up and I realized it's Valentines Day!!! Now honestly I am not one to really celebrate Valentines in the way of buying anything...I had only bought a few chocolates which I gave to Michael, he was happy and then Troy walks in with a new DSI Game... well lets just say Michael lit up light a Christmas tree. I like to celebrate Valentines by doing something handmade and share a beautiful meal with the people you love and to go the extra mile to make a little something for people who have an impact on you or your child's life. Well that is just what I did for Michael's teachers...

We had a storm the other day with really high winds and hail...3 days later we are still dealing with pure ice! Take a look at these pictures!!