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Today I am also sharing ahuge giveaway over at Flair and Frills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have copied and pasted Flair and Frill's post below so you can read it here then follow the link if you want to participate (really I wouldn't know anyone that wouldn't go for  this!!) or you can follow this link which will take you directly to Flair and Frills blog....

Link Up Love Party with K Andrew.


Hello my lovely blogger friends, I have decided to play along in the first Link up party ever!!!!  Kristal Andrew over at "Getting Cricky with K Andrew" is always doing something rather it be designing her very own stamps, making cards, scrapbooking, you name it! She continues to surprise me for I am always learning something new about her, she is defiantly the most interesting person I have ever come across.What I love is that Kristal is one of those people who reaches out to others and she donates to different causes all the time, not just during a blog hop event!

So how does it work???? Hop on over to K Andrew's and find out!!! Just follow the this link It is sure to be a blast!! The link up love party is a way to get to know each other and find new blog inspiration, I am excited to do just that!!!

Now for my project:

I choose to show this baby card that I made for …

Shabby chick grunge card

Yesterday I made a card and didn't know what style it was so I choose Shabby chic grunge which best describes it to me. Out of curiosity I googled "Shabby Chic Grunge" and whatada know???? It is actually a word that is used and it turns out I didn't invent it, :( 

All I did was use gray card stock, stamp black images and put gesso on it and repeat it. I did put a medium clear coat on the background but not the square image in the middle. I clearly distressed the edges, actually more so than I usually do and I love it and added ribbon! Voila!  Any questions just leave me a comment!

This week will be all about teachers for me, School is closing and there is no better way of thanking your child's teacher than to make them a card saying thank you, they deserve so much more for all their hard work.