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Contributing to the Royal Blog Hop Cause

I have been touched in a profound way today, I visited my friend Kristal over at " Getting Cricky with K Andrews and reading her story and the many replies from each blog I found there is an amazing endurance and strength out there!!!

Sadly there is also the other side where About 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes occur every year while many more assaults and rapes go unreported entirely. Over 3 million children witness violence in their home each year and those who see and hear violence in the home suffer physically and emotionally. These statistics are sad and overwhelming, but help IS out there for those that choose to break the silence.

Together we can make a difference! Help us instill some hope where very little probably exists and give 24 families a chance at recovery when we are able to donate 1k dollars to the Bradley Angle House. Your purple themed card(s) with a hope filled message inside could make…

"Imagine" Card

Today I felt like choosing colors I wouldn't normally choose and I was pleasantly surprised! I think we have to take chances like that sometimes to open our minds, I don't have a particular style name to my cards and maybe that is why because I am always trying something different or new. I am fortunate to have found super talented ladies and guys out there blogging their hearts away,I can only hope that I will be just as good one day. I am always looking to learn new things so if any of you have any ideas don't hesitate to share!! The more the merrier!

Here is my card for today!

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Scrapbooking Father's Day Card

Father's Day Card

When it comes to making masculine cards my brain seems to work overtime. No ribbons, no flowers, no bright colors and no going crazy, OH MY GOSH!!!! Amazingly I did manage to design a card for my father who thankfully doesn't read this blog.

I thought with Father's Day sneaking upon us it would be nice to give a little inspiration to those of you who want to make a card for that special Father or Step Father in your life.
 Father's are amazing, they are always there for you , always sharing wisdom and comfort when the world is trying to shake the ground you walk on.
My Father (Step Father) is one of those kind of Dads. He is very supportive and always says the right thing. It is so nice to know that if disaster struck my Father would gladly open his arms to me... I love him dearly and my respect for him is off the charts for taking on a family of 5 and being a super amazing listener, what I love is that he understands me,what an amazing man.

To celebrate…