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I am in a give away mood , I have posted a Freebieon my Face Book and FB Fan page, the rules to win this giveaway are under the picture...

 All you have to do is click like on my Facebook Fan Page called " Shower's of Cards and Flowers"and type your name in the comment section...

As an extra I would also like to give away SIXUTEE FLOWERS for those of you that found out through my blog... to qualify I would also like you to write your name in the comment's section below this post... Good Luck!

Here is what I will be giving away:

Using UTEE

Hello my blogger friends!

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks due to battling with my health but have managed to watch YouTube videos which is an inspiration for me. I sat wondering what I could take on when I am well enough and decided I had bought Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel in 3 different colors at Michael's six months ago and had never used off I went and boys was my eyes opened! It is similar to regular embossing powder but is bigger and you can do a lot with it.
I watched one video where this woman did prima flowers...well you know she had me at flowers... not only did I get inspired, I completely ignored my health and bolted for the stairway to make this really fun glass like flowers!!
There are many videos for UTEE , to get you started you can go here , it is done by pinkscrapper and I just love love love her technique.

Here is a card I did using butterflies, a heart and flowers using UTEE... I will be posting flowers very soon and all the techniques I've…