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Radom Scrapbooking Projects

This week I decided that instead of having a theme I would show you a couple of random projects I did which shows a little how the scrapper's mind works, well, at least how I work...all over the place but organized... contradicting but true!!!!

I make cards just about every day but  I am not one to take measurements in every project so eyeballing comes in handy for me but as for the envelope it obviously has to be measured.

This week I found a way to make an origami envelope with a 12" by 12" piece of paper that just so happens is a perfect fit for my cards which is usually anywhere from 4' or 51/2" by  6" or 7", ( a wild guess )
Here is a couple of pictures I took, it is so easy to do!

I also got adventurous and tried making a mini book which I have to say didn't turn out to bad!! It does call for taking measurements so next time I will have to heavily consider that option if I want perfection. I designed the cover of the book with my own homemade g…